About us

I’m Chapela one of the teachers of English at INS La Pobla de Segur in La Pobla de Segur, Lleida. I am the Head of the Languages Department of our INS where I also teach German. French is taught,  as a second foreign language, like German. We are a small department, but very active indeed. Since 1991 we have been carrying out regular scholar exchanges with Germany and France. We have had language assistants from Canada and Germany, and we have taken part in a Comenius project _Learning Together in a Changing Europe, and travelled to Austria, Finland and England, and in a Projecte d’Innovació about mass media called Educació audiovisual responsabilitat de tots.

We often work on projects that involve the use of new technologies like The Lords of the River, Let’s Discover Pallars Together or The Enigma of Malta, to mention just the most popular. In fact, our projects The Lords of the River , Arnau Mir de TostThe Enigma of Malta and From the Pre-Pyrenees to the Jurassic Coast won an Orator grant and students from 3rd and 4th ESO went to Canada in September 2005, the ones from 1st and 2nd ESO went to Switzerland with the bilingual project in French and German about Arnau Mir de Tost and the feudal times in 2006, 1st Batxillerato went to Malta in September 2008 where they filmed the thriller they had written, and in 2009 the students of 3rd and 4th ESO went to England with their project about the Jurassic Era. We regularly work with Blogs and use Webquests and Treasure Hunts.



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