The Foreign Languages Department has agreed on the following percentages to evaluate students  throughout the school year:


50%  Skills and Use of English: (compositions, projects (speaking), readings, listening and writing exams, plus grammar and vocabulary

25%  Classwork:  1 listening exercise (5%), 1 reading exercise (5%), speaking (5%) and 1 writing exercise (10%)

25% Attitudes: behaviour in the class, attitude towards using  English as a vehicular language in class and cooperation in group work, etc. Apart we have some common ones from our INS.
You can consult the Criteria for ESO.

In 1st  BATX we have:

70% Skills (writing 25%, speaking 25%, reading 10% and listening 10%)

20% Use of English (grammar 10% and vocabulary 10%)

10% Attitude towards English within the English class

You can consult the Evaluation Criteria for 1st Batx.

In 2nd BATX we have:

a) a grammar & vocabulary  test  (20%) related to what  it has been explained

b) an oral comprehension test (10%), a writing composition (25%) and a reading comprehension test  (10%) similar to  the ones in PAU.

c) an oral presentation (25%) about a topic chosen by the student and an oral recording recorded by means of Audacity or Vocaroo, of a dialogue, speech, etc, uploaded in their blog.

d) attitude towards English within the English class (10%)

Evaluation Criteria for 2nd Batx.


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